New Website for 2015!

Welcome to our new – and evolving – website!  We are excited to have this new site running, and are excited to make use of the features to provide educational and inspirational content.  One key note, is that we are just working through a few final edits, so bear with us while we finalize things here.

Ultimately, our goal is to use the Latest News link as a fun spot for noting some of our athletes training and race experiences and results, for sharing articles and other training information and for describing the details on coming events we are taking part in. This updated platform, allows more flexibility for us, and we are really fired up about it! As coaches, we feel really fortunate to be a part of peoples journeys in sport. With that said, 2014 has been a really exciting year for us.  Athletes we coach have grown, and taken on really fun challenges.  Some folks adjusted their training process to fit their lives better and created a happier, more sustainable relationship with sport.  Others came into the season with really aggressive outcome goals, and worked to have greater life balance - and they succeeded at both!  For example, some athletes took on challenges like performing their first ever triathlon as a tool to get healthy, some to tackle a new distance or raise their performance level, while another set and accomplished the ambitious goal of winning her age group at Xterra World’s.  It’s been an awesome year!

We are really proud of everyone we coach, and are super excited to see how things transpire in 2015!

Have a safe and healthy fall and winter holiday season, and thank you for checking out our new internet home!


Will and Jason, Tri-Hard Endurance Sports Coaching