Thank You!

We have been fortunate to work with amazing athletes over the last year – it’s been fun and exciting! 

As we reflect on 2015, one thing that stands out is the resilience we saw in folks.  For example, a few athletes had life events that eliminated their ability to take part in goal races.  The spirit they carried through that challenge was fantastic and inspiring - true examples of being focused on the process of growing!

Several folks took on their first ironman which is a huge challenge to accomplish for busy professionals with families… Yet we got to see these folks keep family strong, work efficiently and race Ironman!  Well done!

Likewise, seeing so many of you PR and accomplish things you worked at for years (Kona Qualify, Boston Qualify, race/medal/win regional, national and world championships) has been inspiring.

As coaches, we get to work with you in an area of your life that’s enjoyable.  An area that’s fun.  A personal passion.  And when you invited us to be your coaches, you gave us the chance to support you and be a part of your personal growth team.  It’s exciting, and it’s an honor!

Our hope is that we can help you continue making sport a positive part of your life, and that you continue to grow athletically and personally in the coming year.  We are here to help!  Keep us posted with questions.  Be curious.  Be adaptable.  Keep loving the adventure you are on! 

Thank you for inviting us to help you on that adventure.  We are grateful for the opportunity and we are excited to see what 2016 brings!

Enjoy the holidays and have a happy and healthy start to the new year!

Be well,

Will & Jason