Seminars coming up! Free opportunities to learn!

It’s almost spring, which is hard to believe looking out at the 4-5 feet of snow covering my yard… But the seasons change, and that means winter is coming to a close, and your race specific period of training is about to kick into high gear.

We have several free seminars coming up, and it would be great to see you there!

At #Tri-Mania (@TriManiaExpo) on March 28 we are presenting at 9AM.  The topic is: Train Your Best Today: Self Monitoring Led Training Adjustments.  This seminar will present concise, scientifically sound, and practically useful strategies for adjusting your training based on your physical and emotional readiness to train.  After discussing the science of HRV, RHR, sRPE, Sleep, Stress and diet logging, we will provide concrete examples from actual athletes training logs, and show how modifications changed their training improving performance.

Also at Tri-mania, #Fit Werx (@FitWerx and @ FitWerx2) will be leading the Tri-Bike Showcase at 10:45.  Will is going to be a panelist in their discussion of bicycle power meters, providing the training point of view on these fantastic training tools.

If you are a Tri-Fury team member, come on out to the March 22nd club meeting.  Will is going to be presenting on the how and why of using a power meter to improve your training on the bike.

Will is also really excited to be kicking off the spring with a great series of seminars at Central Mass Physical Therapy and Wellness in W. Boylston MA, which he’s doing with Mike Roberts.  This seminar series is a fun week night-event that we target every 6-8 weeks.  This year the first seminars will be on Thursday March 5, starting at 7:15.  The topics are “Your Best Pace” and “In Season Strength Training”.  Will will be leading the Your Best Pace seminar which will focus on how what influences our pacing ability, determining goal pacing, and how to distribute our efforts for the fastest times.  Concrete examples from cycling, triathlon and running will be discussed to ensure you can meter out your effort best in your next races!  Mike will be leading a talk on how to implement strength training during the season.  He will cover the topic top to bottom regarding why in season strength can work, how to adjust training so it can fit best and the types of exercises having the most value.

We really hope you can get out to see us for one or more of these events!  If you have questions, feel free to contact Will at or @willkirousis. 

Be well

Will and Jason