Coaching is More Than Training Plans

Our high-quality endurance sports coaching involves much more than providing you with a training plan. We also work to instruct, advise, and support you in all areas that are part of working towards optimal performance in endurance sports: sport specific training, cross training, strength/power training, nutrition, sports nutrition, recovery, mental skills training, equipment, and race strategy. We are here to help you engage in the most constructive experience possible as you work toward your goals, and this means going above and beyond simply delivering a plan for your training only. We also realize that you train in a real life environment and thus your response to training will depend upon numerous factors. We continually monitor your response to your training and your progress through frequent scheduled and unscheduled contact through which we monitor many physiological and psychological variables through scientifically-based performance field testing and other means. This allows us to continually adapt your training plan on a very frequent basis (day-to-day if necessary) in order to promote continual development and avoid plateaus in growth. We keep close contact with our athletes via scheduled, frequent phone consultations and email exchanges. Beyond our frequent, regular, scheduled interactions, we invite our athletes to contact us at ANYTIME! We are here to help you! We prefer to go far beyond simply creating high quality training plans. We prefer to work closely with our athletes, getting to know them, being there for them, and helping them pursue their goals. We hope it is clear that our coaching IS NOT "Online Coaching". At all times in working with us, you are working with Jason and Will directly and not anyone else, and you are never, ever, working with a database of information to provide you with a training plan. We view our coaching as mentoring, where we are here for you every step of the way on your personal athletic journey, to assist you and help you make your goals your reality. You will find our coaching to be among the most personalized endurance sports coaching available.